Monday, June 22, 2009

More Photos

Totally Excited To Be There

Raffle & The DEATH Stare


Raffle Prizes

Starting Point

Don't Scratch The Vinyl Photos

Jimmy 3rd Place Winner

Jarrod 2nd Place Winner

1Hr. 2Min. SEAN 1st Place Winner!

Andrea 1st Place Girls

Your Local B.A.S. Members
(Beau, Corey, and Craig)

We would just like to thank everyone for coming out and participating. Thanks for all the support we received. We met some really amazing people and made some great friends. It was a little nerve racking putting on our first race, but it couldn't of gone any better. Also thank you to all of our sponsors for all of the radtastic prizes!

Thanks to all of you we were able to raise $360 for the Boise Bike Project.

We hope everyone had fun and will be at our next one, which will hopefully be in September.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So there might have been a little confusion with the race. It is still going strong this Saturday at 4:30, but there have been rumors that everyone will be receiving T-shirts. Now we REALLY REALLY wish we could do this but the BAS is just too poor to make this happen right now. HOWEVER, there are plenty of T-shirts donated by our sponsers that will be raffled off at the after parteee. Now I hope this doesn't discourage anyone from attending because this race is going to be totally radical with loads of fun and loads of cool raffle prizes. This Saturday at 4:00 at Camels Back Park for registration and race at 4:30. So come support a good cause and have fun.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Knarly Race Man!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, it is coming. The Boise Adventure Seekers first alleycat race.
Now you'll have to bear with us since this is our first alleycat, so hopefully it kicks ass.
But here's what's going on, it's a 1980's race, so that means you're required to come dressed in your favorite 80's clothing. Alright, you aren't required but you don't want to be that loser without a fannypack. Registration will be at 4:00 at Camels Back Park on June 20th. The race will start at 4:30.

It will cost $10 and all the proceeds will be donated to the Boise Bicycle Project.

It will end at Ha Penny in downtown Boise.
855 Broad St # 250
Boise, ID 83702
We will have prizes and a raffle.
(We are still contemplating on a costume contest but if not, still dress up)

Ride at your own risk, but totally have fun!