Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Knarly Race Man!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, it is coming. The Boise Adventure Seekers first alleycat race.
Now you'll have to bear with us since this is our first alleycat, so hopefully it kicks ass.
But here's what's going on, it's a 1980's race, so that means you're required to come dressed in your favorite 80's clothing. Alright, you aren't required but you don't want to be that loser without a fannypack. Registration will be at 4:00 at Camels Back Park on June 20th. The race will start at 4:30.

It will cost $10 and all the proceeds will be donated to the Boise Bicycle Project.

It will end at Ha Penny in downtown Boise.
855 Broad St # 250
Boise, ID 83702
We will have prizes and a raffle.
(We are still contemplating on a costume contest but if not, still dress up)

Ride at your own risk, but totally have fun!


  1. "loser without a fanny pack", quite possibly the first time that has ever been written! Awesome. Good luck with your race, see you there.

  2. WANTED: Hot Pink or Neon Green Fanny pack. Paying top dollar!

    (the top one absorbs all the sweat after a long ride, that makes it special)

  3. Drink Beer Ride Bikes Crew will hopefully be there! (drinkbeerridebike.blogspot.com)